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At Talaverica, an awareness of our impact on the world around us is very important. So, when it comes to our products, we are proud to say our glassware is 100% recycled and lead free. Additionally, our Artisan copper products are also formed from 100% recycled copper. Our bowls and sinks eliminate the need for harsh chemical cleaning products- which over time, end up in our water ways. With its naturally anti-bacterial properties, all our copper needs is soap and water!

When it comes to the delivery of your product, we make every effort to remain environmentally conscious. Whenever possible, we will use recycled packaging. This option is available to you when making your purchase. Simply place a check in the specially designed option box provided!

Not only are our recycled glassware and artisan copper unique and gorgeous-it’s helping to reduce our carbon footprint…

Recycling is effective, and at Talaverica we prove it!