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There’s something about the Colonial Highlands of Mexico. Alive with history and art, it is a land of Old World cities, lined with cobblestone streets and towering church spires. Populated with artistic mountainous hideaways that are difficult to reach and even harder to leave. We’ve fallen in love with Colonial Mexico and it is in this world that we chose to bring our families together for our lovely wedding…

Our goal, at Talaverica, is to offer a piece of Colonial Mexico to you…We believe every home deserves some of our treasures. Our products are part of life around our home, and are used daily in many ways. With a family of seven they are tried and tested thoroughly!

We work hard to offer a high quality product line, with choices in Talavera, glass, copper and jewelry based on artistry and originality. Personally traveling to factories and warehouses, meeting artists and their families, creates relationships that have continued to grow over time.

The result of this labor of love is a website that we believe is an exciting place to visit, filled with unique and high quality products. Products we stand behind. We welcome your feedback and comments…and invite you to explore Talaverica’s Treasures from Colonial Mexico.


Sharon and Tom,


At Talaverica, we are constantly searching for distinctive treasures to offer.  This aim, along with maintaining an environmental awareness, while providing a sustainable living for the artisans we work with, has become our business creed.  We think it is very important to give back, and have been working with the Mexican Schools Project for some time. 

While these goals may seem lofty, we have actively committed ourselves to pursuing them. We feel that there is enough room on this globe for all to succeed and progress, and that you do so, a little every day, by extending your hand to those around you…